It is said in Turkey that humble beginnings launch the purest of intentions. In the case of Vicem, it all started in a tiny Black Sea town of the same name. In the 1980’s a Turkish businessman from Vicem– Sebahattin Hafizoglu – developed a passionate regard for the storied schooners of the Bosporus (known as the Turkish Gulet).

He boldly decided to reinterpret them for modern sensibilities, using state-of-the-art Cold Molded wood and epoxy techniques. Almost immediately his countrymen recognized this merger of a new kind of luxury, comfort and performance with classical charm. Local resorts and businessmen clamoured for anything he could build. And so, in 1991, Vicem Yachts was formed.

Twenty-five years later the wider world has come to recognize Vicem’s impeccable craftsmanship and uncompromising allegiance to quality.