Those who choose to invest in a Vicem Yacht appreciate the true value of these unique products. Vicem Yachts boast a rich tradition of style and design as well as handcrafted finishes and an attention to detail which represent a lifestyle choice and a philosophy.

In an era when automated assembly lines using new technologies are increasingly common, Vicem Yachts are distinguished by the fact that every part, detail and finish is custom made to suit owner’s requirements and taste. In fact, if they want, owners can be involved in every stage of the construction process from design to splash.

This complete level of customization – combined with ongoing research and the careful selection of materials – is what defines Vicem and allows it to create its unique and timeless yachts. Of course, none of this would be possible without the cutting edge technology of the Vicem Engineering Department, which is equipped with the most sophisticated CAD/CAM and CFD softwares. Nevertheless, it is the human touch as well as the passion and dedication of our master craftsmen in their pursuit of perfection that is the real strength of the company. These are the qualities that reflect the personalities of those who will sail on these yachts for years to come.


Of course Vicem is defined by its boats and the people who build them. But we are also, in part, our owners. Over the last twenty years they, as much as anyone, have told us what our boats should look like, how they should be built, and where they should be run. In acknowledgement and appreciation, and as a key platform to learn and improve, every year Vicem Yachts organizes an exclusive rendezvous for its valued owners.

Our first Rendezvous was celebrated in April of 2010 at Old Bahama Bay Resort – Grand Bahamas. This was a unique opportunity for yacht owners, their friends and families to meet each other and share their yachting philosophies with us. We look forward to announcing future events.